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 Post subject: Looking at different Uromastyx
PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:35 am 
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Rank: An Egg

Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:58 pm
I am interested in getting an Ornate Uromastyx. They aren't big, they are colorful and are known to be calmer than some of the others. I came acrossed a breeder who has Philbyi uromastyx which I'm not familiar with. Here is a quote from his website: " One advantage the Philbyi seem to have is that they are so calm. They eat edible flowers right out of my hand and bask right in front of me and do not run and hide when I enter the room. I feel that they are much less nervous than say a Sudanese, Saharan, Benti therefore they should make a great pet or addition to your collection." Has anyone had experience with the Philbyi and can validate what this breeder has to say about them? Do uromastyx, in general, have personality or are they couch potatoes? How would you compare them to bearded dragons as pets? Thanks for reading my post and I'll be looking forward to your replies.

 Post subject: Re: Looking at different Uromastyx
PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2010 4:50 pm 
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Thu Apr 10, 2008 3:52 am
Seattle, USA

Pet Dragon Info:
Rankins: Mitzi (F).
Beardies: Luca (M), Mocha (M)
Blue Tongue Skinks: Teal (F), Cinnamon (?)
Giant Mexican Horned Lizards: Linus (M), Louis (M)
Uromastyx: Brian (M), Chloe (F), Kora (F), Kami (M), Melody (F), Murray (M), Omar (M)

These are more commonly known as Rainbow Benti's. They have a high degree of contrast in their markings, with beautiful whites and oranges.

A friend of mine here in Washington State breeds them and has a pretty good page devoted to them on his site


The ones I have seen (at his house and at shows) all appear to be very lively but also very skittish. If you are looking for a lizard that will sit with you for hours you are probably going to have more luck with a Beardie than a Uro. That having been said, Malis, Ornates and Moroccans tame down better than others in the species. My Ornates can be a little nervous and quick with the tail but I have a big male Maliensis and a high neon Moroccan that are probably the mellowest lizards going.

Uros have a very distinct character, quite unlike a Beardie. They always seem to be studying things and watch everything you do :) I do have a BIG female Egyptian that is a real sweetheart. She always comes over to have her tummy rubbed or her chin tickled whenever I'm near her enclosure, but Egyptians can be a handful and don't always tame down well.

Hope this helps,

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