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Latest update on my Beardies, Lunar and Nando.

Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:34 pm

Hi Everyone.

I've not been on here for a while as my laptop died, I have been unwell and I have been looking after my new grandson, Dexter while his mum finished her college course.

Lunar and Nando are doing really well.
Nando has continued to grow well, she loves her food and has a fantastic personality.
Lunar is still a huge softie boy. He loves his cuddles.
I took them to the vets in July for a health check and worming and were pronounced fit and well.
They have both been enjoying the garden this summer as we've had beautiful weather. I've been allowing them to play out together to get them used to being around each other. Lunar is very protective of Nando and always runs to her if an aeroplane or a bird goes over the house.
We have had all the head bobbing, beard darkening etc from Lunar and the gentle bobbing and waving from Nando for the past few weeks. There have been a few half hearted mating attempts but nothing proper until this morning.
I was quite surprised how violent their mating can be as he grabbed her at the back of the neck and dragged her around the floor. She didn't seem too bothered though.
Hopefully by early December we may have the patter of baby beardie feet.
Terri. x x x

Re: Latest update on my Beardies, Lunar and Nando.

Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:27 am

Hi Terri,

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. We were on holiday in July/August and I've had some health issues of my own recently.

I hope you are feeling better now and look forward to seeing an update regarding the possibility of eggs. Don't forget to give her extra hydration and calcium supplementation if she is gravid. She will need the extra calcium to harden the shells of the eggs. She'll also need a nesting box or somewhere she can dig down to lay her eggs.

All the best,
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