Rankins Dragon Cleaning Tips


A typical cleaning routine (for one Rankin) is:

  • Clean food dishes and water bowls daily.
  • Remove poo as soon as possible.
  • Bathe dragon in warm water weekly.
  • Clean vivarium and decor fortnightly.
  • Replace or wash fouled substrates monthly.

Keeping your vivarium clean will not only benefit your lizard's health but it will also keep any odours to a minimum. Cleaning is straight forward and you will normally only require 2x Jeyes cloths, a reptile disinfectant cleaning spray, an empty ice-cream tub and a small soft brush. Use one Jeyes cloth for wiping over dirty surfaces and the other for wiping down the vivarium glass. All surfaces should be cleansed with warm water and a reptile safe disinfectant spray.

It is usually best to remove the decor and scrub or soak them and allow them to dry before placing them back in the tank because this reduces the strong fuming that occurs while the disinfectants are evaporating. If you have a sand substrate you can place this in a bucket with boiling water and then drain away the water. To speed up the drying process you can bake the sand in the oven and then allow it to cool, so you don't put wet or hot sand back in to the vivarium.

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To clean your Rankin just place him in to a tub of luke warm water (make sure its shallow!) and very gently brush any dirty areas with a soft brush - a small toothbrush is ideal. Try to avoid the eyes and ears and never use cleaning products directly on the animal.

Thoroughly rinse all cleaning equipment after use and store them away from your regular household cleaning gear so that they do not get mixed up. A cloth used to clean a vivarium should never be reused for household surfaces, likewise household cloths should not be used to clean a vivarium.

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